Bachelor Party Options in Cape Town

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This one is for the guys.

I’ve been to far too many bachelor parties that have ended with a braai, a couple of forfeits and then the customary clean-up… my own included. While I am in no way saying anything negative toward to noble braai, a standard for any South African man, I would like to take the opportunity and highlight a few of the bachelor party alternatives that the Mother City has to offer.


The Wembley Tap

The new kid on the Cape Town beer block, The Wembley Tap offers Capetonians a uniquely craft beer experience. Situated in Gardens, they boast 30 taps of the finest that the Cape has to offer. The setting is idea for a boys night out. Beer aside – and the beer alone is worth the visit – The Wembley Tap offers an extensive menu, in-door and out-door seating and table tennis… and a wicked looking dentist chair.



By far the most extensive range of yeast fermented beverages in Cape Town. Everything from local craft to international ales. Here the beard sporting hipster and the tie-clad office worker mingle over the global unifier that is beer. Overlooking the hustle and bustle of Long Street, Beerhouse’s energy lends itself to a super charged night out with the guys.


Beerhouse’s selection will be more than enough to keep even the rowdiest of bachelor parties going – and I kid you not. They have literally lined the walls with the stuff. While their focus is predominantly on beer they do offer a small menu of delicious stomach liners and drinks of the non beer variety. Beerhouse caters to all types and provides an atmosphere that is conducive to a celebration.



One of Cape Town’s nightlife hot spots, specializing in artisanal cocktails such as the Captain Hendricks and the Gentlemen’s Berry Relish, are more than willing to host and cater for a private bachelor party.


Situated within walking distance of The Mother City’s Party hub, Long Street, Orphanage brings a level of classic sophistication based on a 1920’s style speakeasy and attracts a more refined clientele without coming across as being too elitist. The ideal spot to balance the Gentleman in you with the right amount of odd and even some whimsical.


Devil’s Peak Brewery

This Woodstock based brewery sits beneath the shadow of the mountain from which its name is derived. Floor to ceiling windows provide intimidating views of the mountain and the surrounding area, the décor is an eclectic mix of leather and bone and the beer… Well, the beer has been rated among the best that South Africa has to offer. And that’s saying quite a bit.


Recently voted the best burger in town by a poll on the meals range from fish and chips to chicken and waffles. The Devil’s Peak Taproom has all you would need for one last epic night of celebrated bachelorhood.


Baked Bistro

A Bistro, you say?! Not quite what you’d expect on a list of man-party ideas and while it may be on the lighter side compared to the before mentioned venues, Baked is willing to go above and beyond to ensure a bachelor party that won’t soon be forgotten.


Situated in the picturesque Bakoven, Baked Bistro offers a full range of expertly prepared meals, accompanied by a great selection of local wines and beverages and tops it all off with their own blend of Rosetta coffee. If you require something a little out of the norm, Head Chef and Owner, Zahir Mohamed will be more than happy to accommodate private functions or even a games evening at your request.


Author: Gavin van Haght – @GavvanHaght