Guest Books with a touch of quirkiness


It is always a good idea to have a guest book at your wedding so that those special people in your life can leave parting well wishes to the happy couple, which is something truly endearing to look back on after a few years.

If you are a couple that like to take things over the edge, why not give this fantastic product a try i.e. Signature Frames.

Essentially this product is an engravable frame in an elegantly polished silver alloy mat that your friends and family can engrave their names and wishes onto. This is done by using their specially designed engraving scribe which writes much like a regular ink pen. Pop a photo of you two in it and let your guests scribe away.

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This sure beats opening up a dusty book to look at down the line. This unique keepsake can be hung in your home for you to treasure with each passing gaze.

I so wanted to get this for my wedding but because we were trying to keep under budget my husband surprised me with a cheaper option.

He designed this really cute poster which was a tree with heart-shaped leaves. The leaves were big enough for our family and friends to leave messages on. He added the special touch of placing a pair of lovebirds on a branch (which tied in nicely with the lovebirds and birdcage centerpieces I designed) plus he added an engraving of a heart with our initials on the trunk. The poster’s caption: “Prakash & Runi…sitting on a tree” with our wedding date. Awwww!! We had this framed and is oh-so-special to us both.

There are lots of other ways to capture your guests’ wishes:
* a photobooth/disposable camera to capture their pics – they can then write messages on the back of the Polaroid.
* messages can be written on small strips of paper and rolled up and tossed into a jar – you can open up one message on every anniversary. Another cool idea that I have heard of is where the couple collected the strips of paper and got them inserted into fortune cookies. They ate one on every anniversary.

So you see, the options are endless. All you have to do is open your eyes and ears.

Happy planning!


Author: Runi Makan – @Runster