To have and to hold…on a budget


When planning your big day it is not always essential or a must that you need to break the bank. You can have the wedding of your dreams even on a budget.

Many couples feel the pressure to impress so resort to taking loans from the bank to help fund this big event. It’s a waste of your hard-earned money especially in today’s economy.

This became a choice for my hubby and myself when it was our turn to tie the knot. We both wanted something beautiful yet traditional which was unique from any other wedding we had attended and wanted it to only include people that we held dear to us.

We also mutually decided that we would prefer to spend less on the actual wedding day and more on the honeymoon, since we felt we owed it to ourselves to enjoy the spoils of our hard work after saving all that moola.

Also we thought it wise to invest more into our future home than on this one day.

In my mind, it meant that we would have to exclude alot of distant family members and friends of my folks which I wasn’t sure would sit well with them, being of Indian heritage, the norm is for weddings of 500 people or more.

Thankfully I was lucky that my twin brother had just gotten married a few months prior so I got away with a wedding of less than 90 people.

So we started looking around and when you do this you need to look for bargains and discounts.

We chose a venue that charged less 50% if it was held on a Monday which suited us perfectly as I grabbed the Monday ie 30 April in 2012, this was most opportune as the next day was a public holiday and our wedding was an evening function.

I also trawled the internet furiously to find local providers of cheap yet beautiful decor items.

I also resorted to, which is a must if you want to save money, DIY projects. Some of the cute things made by us were our invitations, guest seating chart, the little confetti cups and wedding favours (yes we made these ourselves with the help of someone we met at a flea market).

I even designed what my centrepieces were to look like. The key is to get involved and weigh what you can do/make against what you need to pay for.

There are several options available even for catering. I have heard of weddings where it was held on a beach or garden and guests were requested to pack a picnic for themselves. They were served with cupcakes and champagne but their meals were sponsored by themselves.

So, do the research, have a look at local providers at craft markets, event planners/photographers that are good but just starting out etc so rates are cheaper.

You can usually locate these newbie and craft providers on Facebook. Enjoy and happy planning.

If you would like any help in planning your big day please feel free to pop me a message on FB (Runi Makan) or Twitter (@runster). I will gladly meet with you both for a free consultation and afterwards provide a free moodboard with ideas. If you’re happy with those ideas then we can work together on turning your dream into a reality.


Author: Runi Makan – @Runster