Capture That Special Moment With A Wedding Day Time Capsule


Wedding capsule


Your wedding day surely makes the cut on your list of special days in your life.

A cute way to look back on this day fondly is by creating for yourselves a wedding day time capsule.

I was inspired to make one up for us when I received a hat box with a few goodies at my kitchen tea. The barrel shape was perfectly suited to hold all bits and pieces of special things from our day.

There are no rules when it comes to creating your wedding day capsule.
Just select a few items that stand out for you and throw them into the box.

On your first anniversary and every other anniversary that ensues, open it up together and go through the items.

They are guaranteed to put smiles on your faces and conjure up some warm, fuzzy feelings.

If you would like a few hints to get started, here’s what my capsule consists of:
* an almost burnt-down candle from one of the centrepieces
* the wedding souvenior fridge magnets we had made for our guests
* the dried rose petals and beads from our wedding garlands (Hindu ceremony)
* our wedding cards we received from our special friends and family
* the feather confetti and cups I had made for each guest
* some of the objects from the traditional ceremony

Each box created is unique since it comprises of treasures you two hold dear.

Have fun making memories…that’s what a wedding day is all about!


Author: Runi Makan – @Runster